Taking the risk - full time freelancer!

For more than two years I've been called "SEO Superman", working with the great team at Jimdo, one of the largest free website builders. This year the time has come to explore something new.

I've decided to leave Jimdo earlier this year. I've told the founders of Jimdo in person how thankful I am that we've worked together for over two years. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed working there. Honestly - I can’t imagine having a better employer. If you are interested in working with the great team in Hamburg, take a look at de.jimdo.com/jobs.

After this decision and a little downtime, I figured out what really makes me happy. The result was - for me - clearer, than expected:

I want to help people and companies with defining their search engine optimization (SEO) goals, helping them in detail with the technical implementation and doing a in-depth analysis afterwards.

And because I enjoy seeing many different challenges and situations, I decided to become a full time freelancing consultant.

Obviously there are a lot of benefits to being an employee and getting paid on a regular basis, I thought about this a lot. But I really believe in hard, honest and transparent work, and the opportunity to learn from many different projects. In the end I'm sure this decision will pay off, for me, and my future clients!

I am really happy about this new path forward and if you would like to work together on improving your site's SEO, feel free to send me a mail to hi@jumland.com.

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